“Pre-Packaged” Medications are required at Camp Courageous

Camp Courageous Nursing Staff require that all medications sent to camp be prepared in a bubble pack or medication cassette, preferably prepared by a pharmacy, for the week. Pictures of each type are shown below. This will increase efficiency and provide for greater safety in medication administration.

Pre-packaged Med Examples

Prepackaged medications have a set of containers or “bubbles” for each day of the week. Each container will be designated for the time of the day that the medication is to be given (generally, morning, noon, evening, and bedtime). You do not have a container for each medication. All medications are packaged together according to the time they are to be given.

EXAMPLE: If three different medications are to be given on Tuesday, in the morning, then you will place the three meds in the “TUES” “MORN” container.

  • Ask the pharmacist to pack enough doses for the camper’s duration at the camp plus one extra dose.
  • If you send more than the necessary doses needed for the camper’s duration, those extra doses will be returned to you. Please only send the designated amount plus one extra dose.
  • Only use the multi-dose system when packaging medications. In a multi-dose system, each med time for each day has one container/compartment for all meds to be administered at that time.
  • Do not send individual prescription bottles, except for liquid medications.
  • No individual packaging techniques of any type (including dads, opus, bottles, envelopes, or other systems that pack each medication separately) will be accepted. The only acception will be liquid medications.
  • A current list of medications on the back of the container is helpful.
  • Please use caution before sending non-FDA approved herbal or homeopathic medicines to camp. Safety of non-approved medications is a vital concern.
  • Failure to have prepackaged medications will result in delayed check-in and possible fees.
  • We greatly appreciate your cooperation during this transitional period. Please call Sharon Roller with any questions at 319-465-5916, ext. 2200, or email her at
  • Local Pharmacies near Camp Courageous
  • If you need to call-in a prescription then you can do so at one of the pharmacies located in Monticello, Iowa.
    – Hartig Drug at 319-465-4906
    – The Prescription Shoppe at 319-465-4404.
  • Don’t forget your other items equipment!
    Be sure to bring all power cords, special eating utensils, syringes, specific snacks or drinks, test strips, or other items that you’ll need for the duration of your stay at camp.

Questions? You can contact camp’s Medical Director, Sharon Roller by email, for all of your medication and medical concerns. You can also refer to the F.A.Q. Campers page for answers to other commonly asked question.